°° Voodeux - Just A Spoonful

Just A Spoonful

Deadend Motel



Artist: Voodeux
Title: Just A Spoonful
Cat-N°: MSHIP018
Release date: May 2009

Are you drowning in a sea of organs, flutes, trumpets & chants on top of 90’s house loops? We have the cure for you here at mothership. “Just a Spoonful” is the lead single from Voodeux’s new full length album called “The Paranormal.“ The track can best be described as techno you would play at a submarine pajama party. It’s playful, groovy and somewhat reminiscent of early Steve Bug.

On the flip, “Deadened Motel” is a rare mix of congo vibey house beats with searing techno leads that shoot up out of the track in the 2nd half.

These guys are amazing!
Claude VonStroke

MSHIP018 in the media

Appleblim - Wicked little groove, deffo gonna be playin it in my house sets - big up!!

Audiofly - 5/5 incredible record….can i get more than a spoonful please!!

Alland Byallo - 5/5 - Best Voodeux release to date. Will play the crap out of both of these!!!! Incredible!

Anja Schneider - like very much - just a spoonful.

Sam Valenti - Really like Tanner’s stuff. The right balance of the elements. Props.

Marco Resmann - 5/5 wicked stuff for the dancefloor!

Martin Eyerer - excellent stuff

Todd Bodine - “Just a Spoonful” is the one for me. Another bomb from Voodeux. I will play it.

Danton Eeprom - Really cool and right in time for the summer days. Loving just a spoonful. thx

Deetron - “Just a spoonful” comes just in time for lush springdays and evenings. Love it!

Ralf Kollmann - oh yessss. best voodeux stuff i have heard so far! seems they are warming up for the big tilt.

Terry Francis - like both of these! deadend motel my fav but very close . heads down on the dance floor

Philip Sherburne - nice sense of drama! i like the unhinged quality of “deadend motel”….

And.ID - 5/5 beautiful record! thnx!

Till Von Sein - 5/5 - really dig just a spoonful..will burn it straight away thanks for sending till

Matt Tolfrey - Definately been on of my more favoured things from these guys.

Sian - splendid,these guys have a sound indeed,creepy and somehow it!@

Danny Howells - Two great tracks here, so thank you twice!! Will support.

Heidi - Voodeux always comes up with the goods…………and never ever fail me

Dan Drastic - nice record

Dirt Crew - FAT! really dig the tunes (james/ dirt crew)

Donk Boys - sweet tunes, and thank god no flute or trumpets in sight, good grooves in both tracks, can’t decide which i like most

Derek Plaslaiko - 5/5 I’m a “Deadend Motel” kinda guy, but both tracks are STELLAR!!! Can’t wait for the full LP!!!

Catz n Dogz - just a spoon ful its my tip! voitek catzndogz

Tim Green - 5/5 - brilliant! creepy music! love just a spoonful. Def support both tracks out. cheers

Riva Starr - 5/5 wicked!

Joshua (Iz) - Hot tunes! Will be rocking both for sure.

Nikola Baytala - 5/5 Just a Spoonful for me ..nice and deep

Luca Bachetti - sweet track!

James Talk - Both tracks rock!

Monty Luke - Full support!


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