°° Mothership Invasion - Volume 2

Monty Luke - Panik Attack

P.toile - Kamilla

Artist: Monty Luke/P.toile
Title: Mothership Invasion - Volume 2
Cat-N°: MSHIPV002
Format: Digital Release
Releasedate: May 13th. 2009

Monty Luke is known mostly as a vocalist (and the guy running Planet-E,) but with “Panik Attack” he clearly spreads his wings and makes the jump to producer. It’s a massive techno follow-up to his previous hit “Paranoid.”

“Kamilla” is also P.toile’s 2nd visit to the mothership. Her new track is sure to be a DJ favorite as it bubbles, pops and builds into it’s climactic bells and pads. We love P.toile!


°° Rico Puestel - Voeyage

Cat-N°: MSHIP038
Due: August 2012
1. Voeyage
2. Plumb The Depths

°° Catz N Dogz - Escape From Zoo Remixes

Cat-N°: MSHIP037
Due: July, 2011
A1. Long Way ft. Nicholas Ryan Grant (Tanner Ross Remix)
B1. I'm Free ft. Paul Randolph (Carl Craig Remix)

°° mothership Phase Two

Cat-N°: MSHIP036
Due: February, 2011
mothership Phase Two

°° Catz ‘n Dogz - Escape From Zoo

Cat-N° MSHIP035
Due: November 2010
1. 5-10-15
2. Warsaw By Night
3. Only For The Moment
4. Relaxation is a Skill
5. Far Away (feat. Claude VonStroke)
6. Domek Na Prerii
7. Im Free (feat Paul Randolph)
8. I’m The One Who's Crazy
9. Pets Gone Wild
10. Poranek Organek (feat dOP)
11. Everything is Sexual
12. Long Way feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
13. I'm Free Anthem (ft. Paul Randolph)

°° Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview 2

Cat-N°: MSHIP034
Due: October, 2010
Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview 2

°° Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview

Cat-N°: MSHIP033
Due: June, 2010
Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview