°° James Braun & Dan M - Lessons EP

Lessons - Part 1

Lessons - Part 2

Lessons - AFFKT Remix



Artist: James Braun & Dan M
Title: Lessons EP
Cat-N°: MSHIP020
Release date: June 2009

How do you follow up a creepy techno full-length album by Voodeux? Visit the university for
some music “Lessons” by James Braun and Dan M. This is a very house influenced assignment
from mothership, where we strongly believe that teachers can present techno and house and
whatever else - all in the same lecture.

Visiting Professor, AFFKT really goes the extra mile on the flip adding some space and artistry to
the Curriculum. Don’t be late for class!

Mathias Mesteño:-playing the hell out of all 3 cuts…laced with atmosphere, groove as well as killer percs…Thnxxx MM

Wareika:-very nice groovin’ and jazzy stuff!!lessons part 2 is the one for me…full support!!

dOP:- the whole ep is great…mister braun and dan are on the way !!!
love all the tracks, but i have to tell that the remix is AMAZING .
bravo guys.Super mothership release.

J. Phlip:- ah dood i can totally solve that shit…i know the answer! the relative maximum of (xoxox)=[(bodies on the dancefloor) approaching infinity] A+ YESSS!

Zombi Disco Squad:- dan is our man, great to see a first release so strong. will be supporting…. L

Til von Sein:- afkt rmx is off the hook! thanks for sending t

Todd Bodine: - Nice EP. “Lessons Part 2″ is the one for me.

Sian:- love the double bass freak out!!

Rachel Barton (radio 1):- PROPER house music, love it! Part 2 the one for me, will play out for sure!

Djulz: -lessons prt 2 is massive!

Andre Crom:- very nice ep! best mothership for my taste since a long time. great sounddesign and true oldschool taste… both original mixes will get played!

Sam (Ghostly):- Lessons Part 2 learned me good.

Laurent Garnier:- Realy like these kind of lessons right down my street will play for sure.

Riva Starr:- playin em everywhere since Barclay gave me the promos. CHOOONES!

Tom Hoch:- nice departure from the normal mothership fare but really cool and smart house music. I cant wait to play it out. See you on the 4th!

Steve Bug:- lessons part 2 is my favorite track here. will play.

The Donk Boys:- the affkt remix for us! good/weird stuff.

Catz n Dogz:- great release !! /greg cnd

Tim Green:- AFFKT remix is killer! exactly my kinda track love it.

Worthy:- Love the housy grooves on this one, I hope I get an A+ on my house work.


°° Rico Puestel - Voeyage

Cat-N°: MSHIP038
Due: August 2012
1. Voeyage
2. Plumb The Depths

°° Catz N Dogz - Escape From Zoo Remixes

Cat-N°: MSHIP037
Due: July, 2011
A1. Long Way ft. Nicholas Ryan Grant (Tanner Ross Remix)
B1. I'm Free ft. Paul Randolph (Carl Craig Remix)

°° mothership Phase Two

Cat-N°: MSHIP036
Due: February, 2011
mothership Phase Two

°° Catz ‘n Dogz - Escape From Zoo

Cat-N° MSHIP035
Due: November 2010
1. 5-10-15
2. Warsaw By Night
3. Only For The Moment
4. Relaxation is a Skill
5. Far Away (feat. Claude VonStroke)
6. Domek Na Prerii
7. Im Free (feat Paul Randolph)
8. I’m The One Who's Crazy
9. Pets Gone Wild
10. Poranek Organek (feat dOP)
11. Everything is Sexual
12. Long Way feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
13. I'm Free Anthem (ft. Paul Randolph)

°° Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview 2

Cat-N°: MSHIP034
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Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview 2

°° Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview

Cat-N°: MSHIP033
Due: June, 2010
Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview