°° James Braun and Dan M. - “Lessons Remixes”

James Braun and Dan M. - Lessons (Paul Frick Remix)

James Braun and Dan M. - Lessons (Pezzner Remix)



Artist: James Braun and Dan M.
Title: Lessons Remixes
Cat-N°: MSHIP024
Release date: October, 2009

jeff samuel - like both, but the frick remix will be going straight to the crate.

Riyaz Khan - SOLID cuts - PEZZNER Remix is gorgeous!

Simon Kelly - GREAT MIXES!

Till von Sein - pezzner rmx…wowowowow liking that one a lot! thanks for sending peace till

Hipp-e - Wow I loved the OOG mixes so much, but both of these really do some justice, great job!!

James Flavour (Dirt Crew) - paul frick remix is my fave!

Adam Carter - Original is spooky as hell. Nice early set material. Pezzner is just a G! He trips it out even more. Lovely stuff!

Dave Aquasky / Passenger records - cool and smooth!

Joshua Iz - Loved the original and these remixes are dope. The Pezzner mix has just the right kind of edge: electronic and weird and very fresh! Thanks!

laurent garnier - lovely mix by Pezzner Will play that mix

morris audio - very nice deep stuff, like it a lot!

john digweed - good stuff - very nice deep the chords! j.braun and dan m rmx is my fav!

Nikola Baytala - pefert for love parade this weekend

Derek Plaslaiko - Both mixes are super sweet, but I think I’m diggin the Pezzner more. Hard to pick! Great release!!

j.phlip - yummy like a deep dish mudd pie!

Clint Stewart - Amazing ep!! Both remixes getting heavy rotation, but Pezzner remix is the one!!!

Johnny Fiasco - Pezzzzzzzzzzzzzzner Rules!!

Sacha Robotti // Robosonic DJ Team - hey, nice deep stuff, very warm, very atmospheric… like them both, probably prefer the pezzner remix to listen to, and the paul frick rmx to play out. x

Ben Watt - autumnal and toasty. nice.

Brian Gillespie - i like the Paul Frick remix alot for sure getting some air play.

philip sherburne - sounds very very nice…. love how full-bodied both tracks are.

Hannah Holland - love the deepness of the bass …mmm warm, feeling Paul Frick’s remix for an afternoon session.

Konrad Black - I’m loving the Pezzner remix…

Alex G - Love the deep soundscapish Pezzner remix! Will play on House FM London,

daniel.fx - both rmxs are great!! so groovy and funky. may fav is pauls rmx though! thanks….

MOWGLI - both really nice, Paul Frick is my fav

Dan Drastic - the paul frick remix has a great groove

Mike Monday - I like both but I’ll probaboy end up playing the Frick to get em groovin

martin landsky - i do like the pezzner remix…

Rob Mello - Both are great mixes

Fine Cut Bodies (Biscuit Reality) - i just love Pezzner ’s mix here! will play in radio and gigs a lot! thx, Kev

radio slave - Paul Frick remix sounds dope, real spacey vibes ….Will play tonight 8/10 ! thanx x

damian lazarus - pezzner doing some more great things to my ears!

Style Of Eye - Pezzner mix for me, beautiful!

John Tejada - the pezzner remix is really good. i like the way the chords twist around and the production is really nice.

robag wruhme - both träkks!!!! good material for a long night with nice peoples and alcohol!

justin martin - nice and deep indeed! love this release and will play both mixes.

Nat Self Zombie Disco Squad - amazing!


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3. Only For The Moment
4. Relaxation is a Skill
5. Far Away (feat. Claude VonStroke)
6. Domek Na Prerii
7. Im Free (feat Paul Randolph)
8. I’m The One Who's Crazy
9. Pets Gone Wild
10. Poranek Organek (feat dOP)
11. Everything is Sexual
12. Long Way feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
13. I'm Free Anthem (ft. Paul Randolph)

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