°° Italoboyz vs. John Coltrane - Bahia

Bahia (Party Swing)

Bahia (Mucho Lungo)

Artist: Italoboyz vs. John Coltrane
Title: Bahia
Cat-N°: MSHIP 006
Format: 12“ Single
Pre Sales:03.28.2008
Releasedate: 04.28.2008

mothership transmission #6…

After the genre-smashing, seven vinyl pressings deep (and counting) success of Viktor Casanova, there is no way that the Italoboyz could possibly top their first appearance on Mothership, right? Wrong! We are happy to report that they have created an organic techno masterpiece in ‘Bahia,’ enlisting the help of one of the greatest jazz musicians of our time – John Coltrane.

You’ve never heard the master like this – the Italoboyz have molded the original ‘Bahia’ into a stomping peak timer as only they can. Their trademark monster kick underpins stuttering jazz kits, a playful piano line, and an insistent, soulful tenor sax sample from the man himself (cleared after four months of intense negotiations). Bahia’s intro leads into one of the most surprising and euphoric breaks you will ever hear. There are two versions to choose from – the Party Swing mix gets right to the point, grabbing you by the scruff of your neck. The flip side’s Mucho Lungo mix is perfect for those late night warehouse moments, taking its time to deliver the sweet payoff.

MSHIP006 in the media

Chris Duckenfield (Odori): “Straight in at number one.”

DJ Misk (AltroVerso/Italy): “Crazy idea mash up john coltrane with modern tech-house. the italoboyz do it and they do it very very well. playlist. ”

James Flavour (Dirt Crew): “Yeah Boyzzzz! Full support—-”

Jesse Rose (Frontroom): “One of the best tunes i’ve heard in ages, makes the crowd go mental every time. Played twice on saturday night at panorama bar & both times it got the shutters open!”

Karotte (Cocoon/Great Stuff): “Das ist mal wieder ne klasse italoboyz. die leute sind durchgedreht als ich die nummer spielte. beide mixe nur minimal anders, kann jetzt nicht genau sagen welche besser ist. aber egal, die rockt!!!”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “Cheeky, funky, lovely monster will play everywhere”

Layo: “Rocking party ”

Loco Dice (Cadenza/Ovum): “You guys are crazy! The Loco Italoboyzzzzz - I give you the name bro, really like the way you guys play with tracks. Is def my gusto!!!”

Luciano (Cadenza): “Love it”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure/Wagon Repair): “I heard this one back in Seattle @ the decibel festival when the boyz played it! The crowd went into a frenzy and still somehow I didn’t trainspot it. I was waiting to hear this one again so I could pick it up! Not knowing it was the Italo boyz who produced it themselves. I need to ask more questions next time. Finally it’s here! ”

Reynold (Trenton): “Now that’s my Shit!!! finally people with taste :-))) I love that record, I love them and of course.. love supreme for Trane!!!!”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “Erinnert an alte Ricardo Villalobos Musik.. schöne Platte ”


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