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Claude VonStroke does not scowl and look mean while he DJs. He does not pretend to know everything and he will be nice to you and your friends. He is grateful to be doing music for a living and he knows that the reason people go to parties is to have fun. If you want to act cool and not have any fun then please do not book him.

The name “Claude VonStroke” was a random joke that caught on after a series of tracks grabbed the attention of underground dance music in 2005. His very first record, “Deep Throat,” was an unusually quirky affair that caught fire worldwide and he has been blessed with similar success stories ever since. Claude’s real name is Barclay Crenshaw, a guy raised in the suburbs Detroit who wanted to be a filmmaker but always had a knack for music. After several different film careers of varying success and with some help from his friends, VonStroke started the “dirtybird” label at the very late age of 32.

Since 2005, dirtybird has carved out a niche as a premiere American label and has released over 40 EPs. VonStroke has released two artist albums as well as a Fabric mix and over 25 remixes for a wide range of commercial and underground artists from Indy rock group “The Rapture” to Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson.

In an effort to give something back to the community VonStroke unveiled a new label “mothership” in 2007. A large percentage of the label’s proceeds go to a music school for children in Claude’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan. This label features more euro-flavored techno and house featuring groups like Catz ‘n Dogz, Maetrik and Voodeux.

Tour wise, Claude has headlined almost every major club, festival and basement after-party in the world. The outdoor dirtybird parties in San Francisco’s scenic Golden Gate Park have also become a legendary summer destination point for both locals and international travelers.

But like we said at the start, Claude VonStroke is only coming to see you if you want to enjoy yourself and get sweaty and nasty. If you want to wear a sweater and frown in the VIP section, he is not the right DJ for you.


Radio One Essential Mix:

Right Click Here to Download (170 MB mp3)

1. Public Enemy - Countdown To Armageddon (Def Jam)
2. Akira Ifukube - Godzilla Theme (La La Land Records)
3. Justin Martin & Sammy D - Yum (Cadang / Dirtybird Re-Issue)
4. Frederic Galliano - Woualai (Soul Designer Remix) F-Communications)
5. Italoboyz vs. John Coltrane - Bahia (mothership)
6. John Coltrane - Bahia (Prestige)
7. DJ Deeon - Da Hoez (Freak Mode)
8. Sagat - Fuk Dat (Maxi Records)
9. Mike Dunn - So Let It Be House (Westbrook Records)
10. Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches (Throw)
11. Claude Vonstroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Claude Vonstroke Underground Dub) (dirtybird)
12. Duoteque - Logo
13. DJ Koze Vs. Sid Lerock - Naked (DJ Koze Remix) (Cereal Killers)
14. Robag Whrume - Pelagia (Musik Krause)
15. Kevin Rocks - Maravillosso (Rocks Playground)
16. Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix) (Airtight)
17. Ptoile - Tigre Della Stella (Channel Records)
18. Todd Bodine - Secret Edge (Mothership)
19. Martin Eyerer & Anthony Collins Present Starsniff - Manifestation (Le Bien Et Le Mal)
20. Voodeux - The Curse (Mothership)
21. Frankie - Mash (Donk Boyz House Remix) (Frankie Rec.)
22. Khia - My Neck (Acapella) (Direction)
23. Manic Minds - Trans (Fafa Monteco Remix) (Brique Rouge)
24. Ranier Weicheld - Bamboo (Great Stuff)
25. The Martin Brothers - Full Moon (dirtybird)
26. Style Of Eye - The Big Kazoo (dirtybird)
27. The Pack - Vans (Zomba US)
28. Mr Rogers Clip
29. Claude VonStroke - The Killer (Dirtybird)
30. Michal Ho Feat. Lil Dirty - Break Free (Moon Harbour)
31. Tim Green - Revox (dirtybird)
32. Style Of Eye - Hide (dirtybird)
33. John Tejada - Timebomb (7th City)
34. Italoboyz - Zinga (Get Physical)
35. Henrik Schwarz Robert & Dornroosje (Not On Label) (contains sample From Robert Hoods Track Minus From The Album Internal Empire (Tresor 27).
36. The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (CVS Re-Edit) (Ropeadope Records)
37. Reverend Tickle Clip
38. Burnto Bertolucci - Bake Me Dome Tonight (Claude V Unofficial Smiths Remix) (White Label)


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RELEASES BY Claude VonStroke

°° Italoboyz -Bla Bla Bla Remixed

Cat-N°: MSHIP030
Due: March, 2010
1.Taka Taka Tashh (Dandy Jack and the Latin Lava – Favela remix)

2. Oh Mio Dio (Das Krause Duo on Paris-Dakar rework)

3. Edo Breiss (Narcotic Syntax Sir Breiss rmx)

4. Taka Taka Tashhh (Veztax remix)

5. Oh Mio Dio (Veztax remix)

6. L'Anagramme ( Remix)

7. Chinese (ELVIS.T made in China remix)

8. Chinese (Terry Tu speaks Chinese remix)

°° Phase One

Cat-N°: MSHIP029
Due: Feb. 24th. 2010
1 Italoboyz - Victor Casanova
2 Monty Luke and Tasho - Paranoid
3 P. Toile - Piano Piano
4 Catz n Dogz - Sunset in the East
(Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts remix)
5 Italoboyz - Bahia
6 Voodeux - Just A Spoonful
7 Rodriguez Jr. - Pina Colada
8 Maetrik - Sex With Bass
9 Claude VonStroke - Scarlett Macaw
10 Voodeux - The Curse
11 James Braun and Dan M. - Lessons Part 1
12 Rusty James - Stop Lying
13 Monty Lukes Mix

°° Claude VonStroke - Scarlet Macaw

Cat-No: MSHIP 007
Due: June 16th 2008
A: Scarlet Macaw
B1: Scarlet Macaw Unstrung
B2: Scarlet Macaw Edgar Dirksen Remix

Claude VonStroke NEWS

°° Claude VonStroke 2011 Large Bottom Tour!!!

March 1st, 2011

Today we announce the dates for the first European leg of Claude VonStroke’s 2011 “Large Bottom Tour”, bringing the focus back to fun parties and music that shakes the floorboards. Unlike previous years which have seen European visits … °°More

°° CVS Tours Australia!!!

December 30th, 2010

Claude VonStroke goes on a 2 week tour of Australia starting on Friday December 31st!! Here are the dates and locations below…click for more details!

Friday, 31 Dec - Brisbane - Bar Soma Saturday, 01 Jan - Adelaide - … °°More

°° New motherbird agency Site!

June 30th, 2010

Check it out!

°° VonStroke, J Phlip + Catz N Dogz @ Sonar!

June 17th, 2010

This year at Sonar By Night, Claude VonStroke will be closing the SonarClub on Friday from 5:30 to 7:00 am. It is the first time a member of the dirtybird crew has been asked to play … °°More

°° Tanner Ross and Sergio Santos Mix

March 22nd, 2010

Tanner Ross is best known for his part in the homegrown mothership techno duo called Voodeux. He recently finished his degree in music studies from the renowned Berklee school of music in Boston and has also … °°More

°° Revenge of the Italoz!

March 13th, 2010

When we decided to release a compilation of all the best mothership tracks we never expected any of the tracks to go to number #1, but just like the first time around the quirky “Viktor Casanova” by the Italoboyz went … °°More

°° dirtybird/mothership US distribution now with Groove

January 12th, 2010

dirtybird and mothership are pleased to announce our new exclusive domestic distribution
partner, Groove. All new and upcoming vinyl and cd’s as well as a healthy selection of collectible
back-stock, will now be available … °°More

°° Bird Brain San Francisco Release Party @ Mezzanine

November 3rd, 2009


November 13th is the SF hometown release party for Claude VonStroke’s second artist album ‘Bird Brain’. His … °°More

°° xlr8r August 25, 2009

August 25th, 2009

Labels We Love: Mothership
August 25 2009 • Text by Lulu McAllister

The original Dirtybird brings his interplanetary assault back to the D.

It didn’t take long for quirky techno/house producer Barclay Crenshaw (a.k.a. Claude VonStroke) to follow up on the international … °°More