°° Catz ‘n Dogz

The name is new, but chances are you’ve already heard Catz ‘n Dogz. Previously, as “3 Channels,” the best friend duo have already released red hot club records on some of the most respected underground dance labels in the world including Trapez, Crosstown Rebels, Pokerflat, Boxer, dirtybird, Leena, Trenton, and their own imprint, Channels Recordings. After making underground techno for many years, the duo have now ventured into new territory. This time, as Catz n’ Dogz, the boys have headed towards deep house without losing sight of their harder techno roots ‐ exploring lush organic soundscapes with live drums and instrumentation.

Their full Polish names are Grzegorz and Wojchiech but you can call them Greg and Voitek or Catz n’ Dogz. Back in 2003 they started it all off by organizing a club night in their home town of Szczecin, Poland. This night soon became a residency and their reputation grew quickly. A radio show soon followed on Szczecin’s ABC Radio allowing them to explore their creativity and gain a legion of fans. Soon after that, they began to produce records together as 3 Channels. And now they come to us with their next level evolution, their amazing first full length album called Stars of Zoo as Catz n’ Dogz.

The instant Claude VonStroke heard the new sound he snatched it up for his mothership label. Greg and Voitek had already generated two smash hit appearances on Claude’s dirtybird label, remixing the infamous “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?” on limited one‐sided vinyl which has been seen selling for up to 100 euros a copy on the web! They also destroyed dance‐floors with last years hit “Chicken Affair EP,” crossing over to DJs as diverse as Radioslave, Jesse Rose, and Sebo K.

And now for the reason we care about all this, the music. The full length “Stars of Zoo” is a hybrid masterpiece; a beautiful cross between the best elements of deep house, minimal techno, and cinematically arranged live instrumentation. This is an album of songs – not tracks! Each song shines on its own, yet makes perfect sense when played in the larger context of the album. Early reactions from dancefloors all over the world have been universally positive ‐ a testament to the power of this music.


Catz 'n Dogz - Summer Lato 2008 mix:
1. KOSimix - I want to Sleep [promo]
2. Two Armadillos - Snowflakes [Dessous]
3. Marlon D. - Funky Angel [Stricly rhythm]
4. Catz n' Dogz - My Zoo is Your Zoo (Guido Schneider remix) [Mothership]
5. Alexi Delano - What is Control (Adultnapper Remix)
6. Prompt - Elephant [7noise]
7. klarinette & flöte [promo]
8. Claude Vonstroke - Scarlet Macaw [Mothership]
9. Varoslav feat dOP - inside way [supplement Facts]
10. Catz n' Dogz - Kill the frog [Mothership]
11. Mario Zar & Marco Berto - La Jungle (Peace Division Mix) [VIVA Music]
12. Minz - Chinese Drip (Chaton Remix) - [Perspectiv]
13. King Unique - Sugarhigh (Gui Boratto Rmx) [Curfew]
14. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Lüchttoorn [Connaisseur]
15. Dj koze - Sasha Funke remix [Promo]


Catz 'n Dogz - "Stars of Zoo" Press PDF (3MB): LINK (right click to download)
Catz 'n Dogz - "Stars of Zoo" Full Press Kit (110 MB): LINK (right click to download)
Catz 'n Dogz on MySpace: link


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°° Catz N Dogz - Escape From Zoo Remixes

Cat-N°: MSHIP037
Due: July, 2011
A1. Long Way ft. Nicholas Ryan Grant (Tanner Ross Remix)
B1. I'm Free ft. Paul Randolph (Carl Craig Remix)

°° mothership Phase Two

Cat-N°: MSHIP036
Due: February, 2011
mothership Phase Two

°° Catz ‘n Dogz - Escape From Zoo

Cat-N° MSHIP035
Due: November 2010
1. 5-10-15
2. Warsaw By Night
3. Only For The Moment
4. Relaxation is a Skill
5. Far Away (feat. Claude VonStroke)
6. Domek Na Prerii
7. Im Free (feat Paul Randolph)
8. I’m The One Who's Crazy
9. Pets Gone Wild
10. Poranek Organek (feat dOP)
11. Everything is Sexual
12. Long Way feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
13. I'm Free Anthem (ft. Paul Randolph)

°° Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview 2

Cat-N°: MSHIP034
Due: October, 2010
Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview 2

°° Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview

Cat-N°: MSHIP033
Due: June, 2010
Catz n Dogz - Escape From Zoo - Album Preview

°° Italoboyz -Bla Bla Bla Remixed

Cat-N°: MSHIP030
Due: March, 2010
1.Taka Taka Tashh (Dandy Jack and the Latin Lava – Favela remix)

2. Oh Mio Dio (Das Krause Duo on Paris-Dakar rework)

3. Edo Breiss (Narcotic Syntax Sir Breiss rmx)

4. Taka Taka Tashhh (Veztax remix)

5. Oh Mio Dio (Veztax remix)

6. L'Anagramme ( Remix)

7. Chinese (ELVIS.T made in China remix)

8. Chinese (Terry Tu speaks Chinese remix)

°° Phase One

Cat-N°: MSHIP029
Due: Feb. 24th. 2010
1 Italoboyz - Victor Casanova
2 Monty Luke and Tasho - Paranoid
3 P. Toile - Piano Piano
4 Catz n Dogz - Sunset in the East
(Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts remix)
5 Italoboyz - Bahia
6 Voodeux - Just A Spoonful
7 Rodriguez Jr. - Pina Colada
8 Maetrik - Sex With Bass
9 Claude VonStroke - Scarlett Macaw
10 Voodeux - The Curse
11 James Braun and Dan M. - Lessons Part 1
12 Rusty James - Stop Lying
13 Monty Lukes Mix

°° Catz n Dogz & Pol_on ft. Monty Luke - “This Is What I’m Doing”

Cat-N°: MSHIP025
Due: October, 2009
A: Catz 'N Dogz - This Is What I'm Doing
B: Catz 'N Dogz - This Is What I'm Doing (Drama Queen Version)

°° Catz n Dogz - Sunset In The East Feat. DOP

Cat-No: MSHIP014
Due: January 19st 2009
1. Sunset In The East Feat. DOP
2. Sunset In The East Feat. DOP (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix)

°° Catz n Dogz - SF / 2

Cat-No: MSHIP013
Due: December 15th 2008
1. SF
2. 2

°° Catz n Dogz - Omanko

Cat-No: MSHIP012
Due: December 15th 2008
1. Omanko
2. Omanko (Italoboyz Remix)

°° Catz ‘n Dogz - Stars of Zoo

Cat-No: MSHIP011CD
Due: October 6th 2008
1. Intro
2. Sunset In The East
(featuring dOP [The Nature Boys’ Edit])
3. Omanko
4. 2
5. SF
6. Kill The Frog
7. Confused (featuring Monty Luke)
8. My Zoo Is Your Zoo
9. Skit nr2
10. Yes They Still Play Casio (featuring Mathias Kaden)
11. Kaniani
12. Sunset In The East (featuring dOP [Vinyl Version]

°° Catz ‘n Dogz - My Zoo Is Your Zoo

Cat-No: MSHIP 010
Due: September 22nd 2008
A1: My Zoo is Your Zoo
B1: My Zoo is Your Zoo (Guido Schneider remix)

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